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March 14th, 2014, 08:53 PM
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Hi Again, My miracle IVF daughter's name is Summer, like you, different spelling! Yea, I also got very frustrated when people would say stupid things like, "it happened before on its own, you just need to relax!" That has nothing to do with it. My obgyn told me when I was going through this that if we have been charting and timing intercourse right for 6 months and still not pregnant, that indicates a problem, so this is when she recommended us for fertility help. I wouldn't continue trying on your own forever and making yourself crazy. Maybe the nursing has made a difference, I know that throws off your hormones somewhat. After maybe 6 months of no nursing, if you still aren't pregnant, you could try some fertility testing. IVF rates are very good, especially with the new technology in the last few years, if you do end up needing to go this route. IVF is able to get almost everyone pregnant, which is reassuring. It wasn't that taxing on me and it was actually a relief to know that I was actually doing something that could make a difference rather than banging my head against the wall every month trying to figure out what we were doing wrong. Although our fertility testing came back normal, clearly something was going wrong or I would have gotten pregnant on my own. Somehow after the birth of my daughter, this "fixed" me and allowed me to be fertile again. Hormones work in funny ways. Have you had your thyroid levels checked? After my IVF, it was found that I had an under active thyroid. I wonder if now that I'm on Synthroid and my thyroid levels are under control, if that helped me to get pregnant on my own too. Just a thought. I didn't have any symptoms even though my levels were low.
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