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September 15th, 2006, 10:41 AM
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Please DO NOT reply to this thread with questions. If you'd like to add a budgeting strategy that isn't listed, please do. If you have questions about your own budget, put them in the main forum.

There are several ways to budget your money. Some people use the envelope system, Quicken software, etc. I personally use Excel to keep a spreadsheet of my expenses. If you know of a budgeting system that isn't listed here, please explain how it works so that others can try it.


Using Microsoft Excel, you can put all of your finances into a spreadsheet on an ongoing monthly basis, and you can plan for occasional expenses such as birthdays, holidays, car maintenance, etc. There are many, many ways to do this. The way I do it is to put 12-18 months into one tab of the spreadsheet, which accounts for projected income, expenses, savings, etc. I then copy that budget into 2-3 more tabs making slight adjustments for income (since I'm not on a set salary, it fluctuates), savings, how much I plan to spend for holidays, etc. Using this method, I'm able to see large expenses in the future and am less likely to spend money leftover in my budget this month.
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