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March 16th, 2014, 02:01 PM
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Welcome! I'm Rae, I'm 42, I've been ttc for 17 months now. I've had a couple of surgeries also. I have endo and uterine fibro's also. I've had two surgeries to remove them both and have lost one of my fallopian tubes. So here I am... My last surgery was in July 2013. I had a m/c back in October and nothing since. Alot of us ladies here have had m/c's so we understand your pain and suffering. I'm trying Femara for the first time. I've had no experience with Clomid but a few here have. So far all I've had is a bunch of spotting so I'm not feeling confident about this month. I hope you have a short stay here. Good luck and just jump in girl!

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