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March 17th, 2014, 06:24 AM
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Hi. Although i don't have experience with exclusively pumping, i completely understood and remember your worry about having time to freeze enough before returning to work.
When do you go back? Keep track of about how many oz. she drinks during the hours of your expected shift and then divide by days til you go back and try to save just that little bit every day. For example, i was gone 12 hours a day, and my daughter averaged 14-16oz during that time, so in the two weeks leading up, i could save just 1oz extra to have about enough. Hopefully, this makes it seem a little less intimidating.
And then while you're at work, you'll be pumping everything for the following work day while shes just drinking the saved supply, so it will be soooo much easier to keep up after that.
I wont lie, i did feel like i was always barely catching up, so perhaps others must have better advice, lol. But then again, maybe the best comfort is that if you feel like its hard to catch up, that is normal, so you're probably already doing everything just right!
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