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March 17th, 2014, 04:34 PM
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Firstly hello to all of you. I have two wonderful 3 YO DD and one 8 month old DS. I'm a baby wearing/organic feeding/selective delayed vax'ing AP and NP mama.
I need gentle parenting advice for my "threenager". She is highly intelligent (at 2.5 she met all her 5 yr milestones...her led feels her IQ is in the genius range) and she is very stubborn and headstrong. She doesn't listen at all to the point where I fear her hurting herself...running away from me in a crowd...hightailing it out the front door. I have tried everything...reasoning with her doesn't work...I can ask her nicely 20 times to do something...she doesn't listen unless I yell(I DONT want to yell). Timeouts don't work/naughty step doesn't work. She has been spanked on two occasions...once by my dad when he was babysitting her during an OB appt which I was NOT at all happy with him for and he hasn't been allowed to watch her since. The other my DH swatted her as a knee jerk reaction to coming out of the bathroom to find her pressing a large ball into her brothers face smothering him (he got an ear full for that as I know she was just trying to play) but those didn't work either other than they made her fearful of her grandpa and her daddy. I am at a loss. I keep trying to remember this too shall pass but I am at a loss.

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