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March 17th, 2014, 04:38 PM
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Have you tried to offer two choices so she feels like she is in control? Like when you go outside you can either be held by mom or hold mommies hand. Those are the only two choices (for safety reasons) but she gets to decide?

I would frame everything as a choice for her and see if that helps. Like when we go outside, you can hold my hand or be held. If you do not do either, we go inside. Then you can say, you chose to go inside because you didn't want to hold my hand or let me hold you. Make the discipline that simple. Another example: Also I would say don't be afraid to include her in the choices. When we go to the doc app. grandpa is going to watch you. What kind of activity do you think you would like to do so you can sit quite? She might surprise you and say I want to bring my colors or whatever. You can say bring two activities.

Then when you get there remind her that she chose to either A or B until you are done. If she is naughty then maybe Grandpa needs to hold her or take her to the car where she just sits and doesn't get to use your activities. He can say, would you like to get down/go inside and play? You chose to be removed from playing because you didn't play with A or B. So make A or B the reward for sitting nicely and not bribe sit nicely. I know easier said than done sometimes.

We do this for church. My LO can bring a few quite toys to play with in the pew. If he gets loud and we have to remove him, we hold him in the back and he can't get down and run around or play with toys. We say if you want to play with toys or get down, you need to do that in the pew. You chose to not play with your toys by screaming and throwing books.....etc. Do you get the routine?

Also I have heard it helps to practice whatever you are needing help with. Like you can practice quite time at home for 15 minutes where they maybe just color or look at books. Tell them when you start and when they are done and tell them why and what you are practicing.

Thoughts? Would that work for her?

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