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March 19th, 2014, 07:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Liyana View Post
Hi Honey!! Thank you soo much for a creating a new thread I believe I will be also in April! Right now I have some signs of AF - ( but hopefully the witch will show her real face today!!!!) I am planning to start taking Estrogen tomorrow twice in day!!! So... my U/S is planned 31 th March and FET 4.02.14 or 8.04.2014...all depends of how my body will co-operate with me!!! FX!!!! I wish you the best Leah! and please know that I am thinking about You!!!!! Wish you a lot of babydust

My AF has arrived!!!! Yepii I hope it will be my last hehee
My FET needs to work out this time, I am also planning to transfer 2 embies... i have always wanted to have twins actually let's see if my wish will come true?
16 days to my FET,,, its finally that close. In this point I am happy and I am also happy about you guys who has made it through and are preggo right now already!
Our history
DH 25 ME 28
TTC since May 2012

ER: 17.06.14 (retrived 12 eggs, 6 fertilized)
ET: 19.06.14 ( Two, 4-cell embies transfered) BFN!! 3 frosties
BETA: 14dp2dt, 03.07.14 Negative

FET 17.09.14 (2 beautiful blastocysts transfered). BFP 6dpt.

BETA: 14dpt,1.10.14 2300! 2nd BETA 21dpt 08.10.14 14610! 1 baby
Its a BOY!!

Our Trevon was born @23 June 2015 on 42+1 weeks
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