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March 20th, 2014, 09:32 AM
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Thank you again, ladies. It does seem like we are just focused on "baby making" right now. My cycle is so screwed up its kind of the only time we really do anything. I have my period for about 2 weeks a month. I start with spotting for 7 days, then have a real period with some extremely heavy bleeding for a few days, then a few more days of spotting. Its extremely stressful, basically having some kind of period for 2 weeks a month. Sorry if that is TMI. I appreciate that I can mention these things to other ladies who understand. DH doesn't get it and no one in my life is dealing with or has dealt with these kind of issues. I've noticed that I tend to ovulate on Day 11 if I count my period as starting on the first day of a "real period" and ignore the spotting days. Does that seem too soon? My doc wants me to start the Clomid on the 3rd day after that and take it for 5 days. It seems to me that if I do that I will ovulate very close to the end of my period. Do any of you think that this will affect our outcome? Its so hard to keep track when my periods are so unusual. And I've been hearing of false positives on OPK with Clomid if you start testing too soon after you've taken it. But it seems to be me that if my cycle continues as it has been, then I will miss my window if I wait to test. Goodness, my head can start to spin sometimes when I really try to figure all this stuff out.
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