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March 20th, 2014, 01:45 PM
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Hello everyone!

I'm posting here because I thought as teachers you might have some great advice for me that others wouldn't know about! Basically Im a worried mother of 3 trying to make sure my first gets into a good college after school and was hoping for some advice!

Now is it just me or do teachers also find it annoying about these admission consulting people charging thousands of dollars to review your kids essays, resume etc??? I personally would love to use this sort of service but just cant afford the sort of money they charge. It feels as though its not a level playing field when my son is competing against people getting all this advice that our family cant afford!!

Are there any similar services where I can get someone who knows how to get into a good school to talk with my son and I about his essays?? Id even be more than happy to pay a smart college kid who got into a good school to give some advice for a small fee (my budget is no more than $100) has anyone else ever searched for anything like this before? Does it exist???

Thank you all so much and god bless

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