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March 21st, 2014, 01:29 AM
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Originally Posted by *Leah* View Post
HEHE muffin Liyana, they usually freeze embryos at day 5, or did they freeze them at day 4 and they will thaw and watch them grow more? Either way, best of luck to you!!! I will probably have a 3dt, but last time I got 5 eggs and all fertilized and were still growing so they let them go to a 5dt. I guess it depends how many we get and how they are looking at d3. I want to transfer 3 on d3 or 2 on d5. eeek, it's getting real now
Hi Leah,

I have to say that... I don't know so much how the embryologist`s are freezing the embryos..
But I know that last time as I mentioned before I had transfer @day 3, so...My RE said to me last time that they will thaw firstly 2 of my embies on 3th April (bc they are 3 days old embies) to see if they will survive to day 4 ( which will be my transfer day) If they will survive the thaw/melting process and they will grow nicely then I will have transfer at day 4 - which means 4th April.

This is the version what I understood..

I don't know.. but I believe that 5 Days embies are stronger that 3 days embies?

Hmm,, I didn't know its possible to transfer...3 embies on Day 3 and then 2 embies on day 5? Did I understood correctly? Wow... this is amazing if you have ability to do so??.. Here in my country the 3 embies are maximum,,to transfer says law...

But thank you so so so much Leah, for your support! You are soo sweet girl!!!

Wish the best for you aswell

You are sooo clossseee!!!!!!
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