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March 21st, 2014, 06:51 AM
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My first labor I expected to go overdue and be in labor for like 30 hours. Instead I was 1 day shy of 40 and literally had the text book labor.I also expected for my first birth to be easy peasy, and it was up until 10cm when we got to the hospital, then things went downhill because I felt out of place.

With my first homebirth I expected things to be more fun/exciting if that makes sense. Instead it was pretty boring, I still felt out of place with my MW (she was the only HB MW though and I didn't want to UC).This time I really love my MWs, they understand what I want and expect and I will not feel out of place with them here. They are completely on board with letting me do 100% of what I want/need and staying in the background unless I ask for them. I cannot wait to have this birth, I guess you could call it a "healing" birth (but I use that lightly b/c I still enjoyed my others).

Also, with dd2 I expected to have a quick start to labor, not prodromal, but it was prodromal. I have no idea what to expect this time, I hope not prodromal labor that lasts for days, it's exhausting

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