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March 21st, 2014, 01:49 PM
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Okay so this is for people who did not have due date buddies. If you do not have a ddb, please sign up here. For those that didnt have ddb's I paired/grouped you!
Note: Please messege each other your information via private message, as anyone can see this post.

Lilly(poppetsmom) June 1st/ Sarah(amityx7) June 8th / Lainy (Lainey0115) June 28th

Joanna(joannaevelyn06) June 5th/Anna(Epsilonbeta) June15th/Jacque(hopefulmommy81) June 27th

Kelly (nijkatc) June 5th/Kim(marchmom2007) june19th

Camm(2bigboys) June 6th/ Courtney (cortln) June 20th - c section

Please let me know if I got anything wrong so i can edit it and please pm if you need anything (I triple and quadruple checked but old man and my kids kept asking questions and getting into things so I was slightly distracted LOL)

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