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March 21st, 2014, 11:41 PM
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yeah she was really awesome. And really motivating. I'm down almost 7lbs from that appointment.

I'm going to call my insurance company Tuesday and go over the bloodwork to see what's approved and what's not. We aren't in the position to drop 2k on bloodwork, but I will do all the ones that are covered first and the rest once we're a little more financially secure (so sometime in middle of may.

the big concerns right now are my bloodsugars. My a1c was high last fall, so we need to see if that's improved or not. To go along with all that is her worried I have PCOS.

I just want answers, and I want to start addressing them before DH comes back. There's not much to be done if I have a clotting disorder until I actually GET pregnant.... but the weight, and the sugars.. those I do have control over.
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