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March 23rd, 2014, 05:40 AM
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Late last night I thought AF was starting and even ran to the bathroom with a pad ready. But there was nothing. Just alot of cm. Early early saturday morning I had the pin sized drop of blood and the day before that had cramping and watery cm. Still alot of cm this morning.

But looking at my charts... I seem to have a temp drop, then spike before AF so the temp hike could be nothing. But all my other temps this month havent been that high and level compared to the other months. So i dont know. I prepared myself that AF was coming then this. Is it my body giving me one last kick of hope before it crashes it with AF tomorrow?? We will see.

I read that implanting late means a higher rate of miscarriage. With my age, it's already high to begin with. If I am pregnant, will I have to worry about that? sigh

*When I wake up more I'll read everyones posts and catch up. Had to go to a family funeral. A cousins on DH side's daughter OD'd and passed away in her sleep. I didnt do well at all being a bereaved parent myself. Brought flashbacks.
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