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March 23rd, 2014, 09:53 AM
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Thanks.... I'm just going to wait and see if AF shows in the morning. If not, I'll test then. We have today off and chilling at home. That's all I seriously want to do is do absolutely nothing. We are always on the go. So much that our neighbors have mowed our grass for us! On both sides of us they help us out. So I'm perfectly happy with a do nothing day and maybe crochet and play call of duty ghosts. LOL Talked to Dh this morning about my recovery issues and he apologized and removed the video from his facebook. I showed him my photos of me severly anorexic and he sees for me, it's not joke. I'm not some little highschooler only eating salad b/c omg, i'm so fat sorta thing thinking it's cool. Hopefully it's real.

I just saw you are 8dpo... my FX'd big time for you!!
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