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March 24th, 2014, 04:23 AM
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Well... still no AF this morning. I feel like it could start so maybe it will tomorrow. I'm 15dpo today. My luteal phase averages 12-13 the past 4 cycles. I took a dollar store hpt and after 30 seconds i didnt see a line and threw it away. Have to wait another day I guess and see if AF shows tomorrow. I feel like she's going to start. Unless it's going to different this cycles from my whole life and start during the day. Which has NEVER happened for me. Usually before AF starts... I want to eat everything. I can barely eat anything. And I'm so bloated this morning.

I DONT GET IT.....ugh... I hate this waiting stuff...sigh

I told DH we may take a month off of TTC but mostly b/c I dont think I want to have a Christmas baby. Every Christmas baby I've met hasn't liked it. lol
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