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March 24th, 2014, 02:39 PM
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My oldest did not tolerate oatmeal as a baby. I don't know about rice because I never gave it to him. We didn't do baby cereals at all with him but if I gave him a bit of my oatmeal, he'd be very ill. His pediatrician at the time insisted I HAD to give him baby cereal and that it was coincidental that he vomited every time he had oatmeal. Yeah, no, not making my kid vomit! Our second pediatrician (dumped the first as soon as insurance would allow it) didn't recommend baby cereals at all but preferred babies eat real food instead so she and I were in agreement

When he was older we tried oatmeal again and he did fine with it. It is one of his favorite things today! He was very sensitive to dairy products as an infant and I had to cut them out of my diet for months until he outgrew it. He was also sensitive to caffeine (no coffee for mom until he was over a year ). And as a toddler, he broke out in hives whenever he had ranch dressing. All of his sensitivities to food, though, he outgrew and he can eat anything now.

I know it doesn't answer your question about FPIES because I don't really have any experience with it. But I do have experience with the oatmeal vomitting All of our kids just ate what we ate, within reason. First foods were sweet potatoes (I baked them until they were super soft and just took a scoop out of my potato to give to baby), avocado, banana, then on to tender meats and other veggies and fruits. You might check out baby-led weaning and see if its for you

And really, at this age, she doesn't need to be eating all that much--before one its just for fun Its about exploring and tasting and squishing and checking out this thing called food--most of her nutrition is still going to come from nursing I've done extended nursing with all three of my kids and it wasn't until around 18 months that food became a big part of their diet--before then they would snack but weren't interested in eating a ton. After one, I'd offer food first and when they didn't want anymore, they would nurse. Around the 18 month mark is when they were eating what I would consider a full meal and using nursing as the "snack" Hopefully someone who has experience with FPIES will come along as well and have some experiences to share
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