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March 24th, 2014, 09:21 PM
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12 weeks today. Hard to believe it's been close to 9 weeks since we've found out. Sure has flown by.

This Chaos Called Life: 12 weeks [size of a lime]

Here's an updated snippet with pictures regarding what's been new this week. Mainly lots and lots of fatigue but I read on a phone update that baby is going through a big growth spurt over the next 3 weeks. So, makes sense but gosh. I haven't worked out in a week, I've slept like crazy, and had zero motivation to even clean my house or make meals.

Dreams haven't been as crazy but still present.

Occasional headaches but only if I haven't drank or ate enough. Doc told me at my appointment last week I had a heart murmur but said that's pretty common in pregnancy due to increased blood flow. Weighed in at 140.6 today so I'm up almost 5lbs from Jan. I'm ok with this as I know on average people gain between 6-10 the first trimester.

Only thing I'm really struggling with is eating enough. I'm constantly hungry and sometimes feel like my blood sugar is always low. Not a good feeling and shoveling the food in isn't what I'm used to either. Been eating lots of fruits and vegetables which have minimal calories but are very good. I need to eat more nutrient dense food. Definite goal for this week as my calorie intake ups a little.

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