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March 25th, 2014, 06:44 AM
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I hate it if i move wrong or do something different than normal if i stay in one position too long. i move and its like a hot poker sticking me in the front of my no no place RLP HA more like "after 3 kids we are gonna plague you with the inability to enjoy sexual relations!" i wanna be the prego woman with a glow ... its more like im the prego woman if you look at me i'm a gonna turn into Gollum "Its my precious don't touch, precious belong to ME!"

Anyone else enjoying the pains of pregnancy as much as i am?!?
Baby Girl Due July 6
Water broke @ 12 weeks AFI .8cm dangerously low
15 weeks AFI 1.49, 19 weeks AFI 5.46
2 shots of celestone at 24 weeks
25 week slight spotting variable AFI levels
next major goal is 28 weeks (2 weeks 5 days to go)
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