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March 25th, 2014, 03:45 PM
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:C This is no fun. I called my doctor last night letting her know that I was very dizzy and I was having strange arm pain and numbness. She said to go to the ER for possible ectopic pregnancy. So I went they took my blood and they couldnt find evidence of bleeding so thats good. They said it could still be an ectopic but its to early for them to see where the pregnancy is. I was told to be on pelvic rest and see my obgyn this week but she is on vacation I dont think she is coming back until next week.

Im pretty sure it isnt an ectopic. I think I just got dehydrated. Better to be safe than sorry. I have to get my hcg tested tomorrow to compare to lasts nights which was 539 so its consistently more than doubling which could be a sign of molar pregnancy. Hcg levels have been 3week 5Days 41, 4weeks 110, 4weeks 3days 539.

So incase it is ectopic Im not aloud to exercise, lift things up, or have sex. This is going to be a fun two weeks.
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