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March 26th, 2014, 12:07 PM
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Lunch is the hardest thing for me to decide on these days. I don't have the energy to prepare something healthy to bring since I go to bed at the same time as my 3 year old (7:30 LOL when I don't get home until 6) I had a PB&J sandwich packed to eat for lunch, I was sitting at my desk and I smelled something really good but couldn't figure out where it was coming from. Went down to the Cafe at lunch and couldn't figure out what it was, nothing looked as good as what i was smelling sooooo i ended up with french fries and a cupcake.

I want to be healthy so badly but it's soooooo hard!!!!

What really sounds yummy is a buffalo chicken wrap. I get ole tortilla's (low carb, high fiber), chicken with some buffalo sauce on it, cream cheese, feta cheese crumbles, a slice of romaine lettuce and wrap it all up and it's the best thing ever!!! I'm just too lazy to make it!!!

Dinner lately has been oatmeal becuase my acid reflux is getting too bad at night, we don't eat dinner until about 6:30 and i lay down about 7:30 for bed. So oatmeal and a small glass of milk is what i've been doing, just eating lighter for dinner helps a ton.

What all are you guys eating these days?
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