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March 26th, 2014, 01:21 PM
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We still haven't heard from her.We decided against hiring a process server this time. They cost $75 and we're tired of her costing us money. So we sent the order to appear via certified mail restricted delivery, and she signed for it Saturday. Saturday was the day her dad told us she was detoxing. I'm confused as to why she wasn't at a detoxing facility, or at the very least, her parents house. She lives in a small apartment, with thin walls. I can't imagine detoxing is a pleasurable experience, so even if her parents were staying with her to get her through it, she's probably done some screaming and yelling.At this point, we don't know what to think.

I think it's really odd that she just backed off and didn't even try to question us when we said Owen wants nothing to do with you. Eric and I talked a little last night. On April 1st, at the follow up hearing, we will request continued suspension of visitation, and another follow up hearing once she's out of rehab. When she's out of rehab, if she completes it successfully, that'll be 3 months sober, and hopefully they'll have knocked some sense into her. At that point, we will ask for one visitation day a week, supervised by us, for probably a 6 month to a year time frame. We're not messing around this time. Plus drug testing, probably twice a week. (I don't know what to do when she says she can't afford it but it's the only way we can prove she's sober. I guess if she's sober she can just get a part time job at McDonalds if she wants to see her kid.) We will also request that if we feel for any reason that she is drinking or doing drugs, that we can request a drug test and all visitation is suspended until we get a negative result. Hopefully that can continue for a while.

It's hard though, because just on the admission that she was drinking, but went to rehab and sobered up, she got 6 months supervised and then every other weekend. So in this case, two weeks after that was put into play, she raised a giant middle finger to us, the judge, and Owen, I don't feel that she should get the same kind of schedule.
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