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March 28th, 2014, 12:41 PM
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Physically....I'm good. Been down to pre-preg weight for a while. I just bought some new jeans because I am a bit below where I started and I didn't have a ton of pants that fit. My boobs are regulating size again, which I prefer. When I am nursing they are hard to fit in some of my shirts.

Emotionally....I'm a mess. I need to be on my meds again and I can't get Jo to sleep in her own bed, which means I can't take them. So I'm pretty unhappy and anxious. As soon as we sort out her issues with her ears/nursing strike, I am hoping to start working on getting her to sleep in her crib at night. But she has been so terrible with sleeping lately, I don't know if we are going to have success any time soon. I'm just a tad overwhelmed lately and have seriously started questioning whether I really want another child or if we should stop (but won't be making any decisions for a long time). Three is a lot emotionally, especially when they are all in a rough stage (now!!).

I will say that I remember this stage being hard for me with both other boys. So I think it's either a me thing or just an age thing. She is tons of fun and I am enjoying the time with her. I am enjoying seeing how different she is from my other two (not the gender thing, just the personality thing). But I won't be terribly sad when we can move on to bigger kid stuff and leave the clingy, non-sleeping stuff behind. I know an easier stage is around the corner.
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