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March 30th, 2014, 09:57 AM
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I am sorry for you ladies who are having a hard time right now. I understand! I still am struggling with depression and although I've had a good couple of days, I didn't feel I was able to reply to this post in the beginning, because I didn't feel I had anything good to say that day! I'm feeling more positive today, so it's easier to reply positively. On bad days, I feel like I just want to be ALONE for maybe a week with nobody needing me, talking to me, or asking me for anything. I get tired of bedsharing sometimes. I would love to have our bed back. But it's not really possible right now. I am feeling more positive right now, thanks to homeopathics, I am trying out some remedies under the advice of a homeopath and getting some success. So that makes me hopeful that things can get better, so that helps me feel better too. Ashlee, I feel ya on wondering about more. I'm sorry you're in a tough place right now. Wondering why you taking meds depends on Jo sleeping in her crib? Is it because of them making you sleep harder at night?

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