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March 30th, 2014, 12:19 PM
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^^Yeah. Because the meds affect sleeping patterns (or can affect them), it's not recommended to bed share while taking them. I get weird dreams when I take them, which means it does affect my sleep. I don't know how many people think about it, I'm sure plenty of people take the same meds and bed share. But it's still a risk and I figure it's smarter to just get her sleeping in her own bed and then start taking them again. I just waited a little long to implement it and we are in a major sleep regression. I know she will pass through it. It really is the beauty of it being my third. I remember flipping out when Liam did this for a month.

For all you ladies dealing with the responsibility aspect, I truthfully think it's the hardest part of parenting. I think it's why my first was so hard for me. Adapting to that massive responsibility that changes every.single.aspect of your life and basically leaves you wondering what happened to who you "used to be" is so hard to handle. I still have my moments of struggle. Like when I was trying to do find a dress for an anniversary party for my husbands company and I literally had three failed shopping of which I didn't even take any children on (but K fell and busted his lip and we thought it might have had to be stitched. So I had to come home). And I thought to myself...this used to be so easy!! And now I can't even buy a freaking dress because my kids are nuts and I am such a weird body shape now. It's sobering. I wouldn't change my kids for the world. Not one second of my parenting would I wish away. But sometimes, it's just plain terrifying how overwhelming things are. But the love is overwhelming too, so I guess that is the benefit! I admit that there are still moments where I feel lost in my personality is gone because I am MOM and everything I once was doesn't matter any more. It's a tough gig, this parenting stuff!
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