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March 31st, 2014, 08:04 AM
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Hi and welcome. Congrats on your new baby! You are in a good place with that spacing. My favorite gaps are 22 months. I have 9, with various spacing from 3years to 16 months. My kids are 18-2 now.

1. #1 was a surprise. We got married and lived happily ever after. I never wanted any kids. But after her, I couldn't wait to have another. After #2 I couldn't imagine being done, not even half way. We found it easier to have babies every couple years than to decide on or implement birth control.

2. It is just fun and rewarding. I don't know how else to describe it. They are amazing people and I get to love them, take care of them, spend time with them.

3. I don't know. There are many little things that can get on my nerves, but there is nothing I can point to and say "I hate this aspect".

4. We have 3 vehicles. A 12 passenger van, a small ford fiesta, and a pick up truck. We use the fiesta most, as I usually don't need to take more than 3 or 4 kids anywhere at any one time. But the van gets used a few times a week.

5. Everyone shares. I have 4 boys in one room (2 sets of bunk beds), 5 girls in one room (2 sets of bunk beds, the youngest 2 share a bed), dh and me in the last room. My oldest is leaving for college in the fall, so it will allow the youngest to get her own bed!

6. I do not work. We are a homeschooling family, so my primary job is teaching the kids, running the house, etc. we are very traditional, so it is pretty simple. If I had to point to one thing back to 3, it's that money is always tight. Mostly because I don't have a paying job. If I had only 2 or 3 kids, I still wouldn't work.

Now, can I ask you a few questions? These are personal and invasive, but I figure that's how we learn from each other. I'm not judging you or criticizing your life choices, I would just like to try and understand you better.

1. I'm 43. When I got pregnant "accidentally" before we got married,we got married. I knew I wanted to be with dh for the rest of my life, so I wasn't settling or making the best of it. Why have you chosen to not get married? Did you plan to have the first one? Do you plan to be with your Bf for the rest of your life?

2. Do you plan to have a career or would you rather be a sahm? I truly feel like being home makes it easier to have a bunch of kids. I don't know how working moms do it.

Again, not judging you, just curious.
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