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March 31st, 2014, 08:55 AM
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13 weeks today!

Feeling much, much better than I did earlier in the week with that stomach bug. Even a little more energy this morning than most. While it's rainy and I could still crawl back in bed my brain is well rested.

Hoping to get a good workout in, breakfast, and grocery trip this afternoon. Then I have to work tonight. DH is gone on a hunting trip and my parents have DD. Good opportunity for me to get some things done around the house but I'm kind of enjoying this time to myself.

Next appt isn't until April 22nd which seems like an eternity away. We'll be 16 weeks then so hopefully there will be discussion on scheduling our anatomy scan. We had an elective one around 18 weeks with DD. I don't think we'll do that this time. I'll be starting daycare May 5th so we'll have enough to pass the time until the scan.

Biggest things left on the to-do list this next month:
-purchase a new car
-sell my current car
-spring clean
-drink more water

Until next time let's hope the weather warms up...
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