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March 31st, 2014, 10:07 AM
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1. Have you always hoped for a large family or did that desire come later after having children? Was it a tough decision for you?

I always wanted 3-4, when we had 4 (2 that I didn't give birth to). I knew I wanted the experience again. So we had #5, but he is 8 1/2 years younger then then youngest of the older bunch. We wanted him to have a sibling closer in age so we had #6, and figured we were done, while we were trying to prevent, we weren't really trying very hard so #7 came along. We were trying pretty actively to prevent but #8 was pretty determines. That was the only pregnancy I was truly pissed at having to do all over again, but wouldn't change it for the world cause she is a spit fire and a hell of a lot of fun!

2. What do you enjoy the most about having a large family?

My kids are super close for the most part, so there is always someone to entertain another, get togethers are fun, we are pretty much our own walking party.

3. What do you find is the hardest?

The only drawback is when one get's can go through the house like wildfire and a bunch of sick kids sucks. Everything else is really trying when you're talking about a lot of kids and a lot of personalities, but those very things are what also make it a lot of fun so they balance each other out in the end.

4. What kind of car do you drive?

We have a Chevy Suburban that seats 8, we have a Ford Taurus, and a pick-up. My one older girl that still lives at home also has a little beater car. We just drive whichever one meets our needs when we are headed out.

5. Do your kids share bedroom? How is that working out?

When all 8 kids lived at home, we had 2 girls in one room, 2 boys in another room and the 4 little ones shared a room, sorda, I co-sleep so I've always at least 2 sleep with me.

Now I have the 20 year old DD, and the 10 year old DD sharing a room, but my 20 year old is only here on the weekends, she lives with her sister when she's in school. Then I have my 22 year old son sharing with my 12 year old son, but my oldest boy spends a lot of time with his grandma where he has his own room. He will never leave home due to special needs, so he rotates around so he can have a little freedom. That leaves my younger two in a room.

Once my 20 year old leaves I'll put the boys together and the girls together and give my oldest his own room.

It's worked out fine for the most part.

6. Do any of you work? SAHM, WAHM or WOHM?

I'm a SAHM, it's what my husband and I feel is best for the kids.
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