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March 31st, 2014, 05:27 PM
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Agree on not going big on the wedding. Obviously, given my line of work I generally encourage big, fanciful weddings, preferably with large flower arrangements that costs large sums of money, but obviously I have an ulterior motive there. But, exactly as FW said, more money spent doesn't make you more married (but then I'm one of those people who honestly doesn't believe that a piece of papers doesn't always make you more married then someone who is legally married, it's all about your relationship and what it entails, really).

The job thing, you have to work out what your needs are. I would lose my mind if I were a stay at home mother, you would find me hanging upside down from the ceiling, completely frazzled, muttering something about butter. But that's my personality, I'm not the stay at home mother type, others aren't the working type. Any combination of children + work + no work + work at home + homeschooling + not homeschooling + who knows what else can be possible, but of course that depends on you, your personality, your partner, who is around, the services available around you, finances and so on. It's different for everyone.
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