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April 2nd, 2014, 01:41 PM
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Originally Posted by hope71012 View Post
Where did you find 34" for the My Ride? My manual just says the top 4 slots at or above the shoulders. She meets that requirement. The strap is very slightly above her shoulders. I think she has 2 more slots to go before she has outgrown. She was 31.5" at 18 months. Frontier also has a minimum height of 30" standing and 12" seated. I'll check her seated height on that later. I did double check the exp and it is 12/2015. I just feel really unsafe using the seat since some of the plastic is very badly cracked (the handles used to adjust the harness). Our other Alpha Omega in DH's car is a year older (assuming exp 2014 sometime - he's pulling it out this weekend to check) and feel safer using an expired seat in good condition verses the sun damaged one. Or the Frontier instead of the sun damaged, BUT, I don't want to go against guidelines. I know we need to buy at least one more car seat...just not sure what. I also don't think the My Ride will last until she is 4 and 40 pounds (I booster once they hit both requirements). I will use the My Ride until I can't anymore.

Ok stupid...I didn't mention the my ride. I'll double check my manual on the Alpha OMega. BUt I'm certain she fits in it properly.
I assumed you were not using the MyRide until you got the new buckle. The 34" for FFing is only on the Alpha Omega. It's on a sticker on the side of the seat. An expired seat is not safe at all. You can't say that an expired seat is safer than a non-expired seat with sun damage - there's just no evidence that indicates sun damage is worse than expired or vice versa. If you use the expired one, you are making your daughter a crash test dummy since Dorel has not tested the seat beyond the 8 yr date.

If you can use the MyRide, that literally is the only option of the seats you own if she's under 34". If you are not using the MyRide and she's under 34", you have no safe options. If she's over 34", either Alpha Omega is safe (assuming the 2014 one hasn't expired yet). The Frontier cannot be considered as an option until July. Sorry.
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