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April 2nd, 2014, 03:17 PM
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Yeah- after tomorrow all bets are off IMO I figure if he wants to come now- he's gotta be ready. I've lost more and more plug which would be one thing but I contract all night long and even just standing now to make dinner made me lose *more* plug and I sat/lay down all day. My doctor said I could try to rest but really if he's going to come- he's probably going to come regardless. Only 3 more days until 37 weeks anyway and my girls both came on their own at 38! That said, I'm giving in to the pineapple craving the next time I'm at Costco lol they sell a whole huge box of it. I am torn like I've said because I'm ready to not be pregnant anymore but I really didn't expect him to come early and I don't feel completely ready lol
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