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April 2nd, 2014, 06:23 PM
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My Ride - New buckle is ordered. 6-8 weeks to arrive. From what I read, the seat is still safe to use. That is one of her primary car seats. OK, I need some options for what to buy since Frontier is the best seat, but she isn't at the age yet (still need to check height, she might be 34 inches now). That way I can scrap the Alpha Omegas and be done with those awful seats! I do not trust either one. Primary Car one - she will keep the Graco My Ride until she outgrows it. We will cross the road when we come to it. Primary Car two - she will go into the Frontier as soon as she meets the minimum requirements. Until then.....??? Weekend Car - Whatever I get as a gap until the Frontier will go into this car. until then we will deal with the Alpha Omega pending expiration date. (Then when the My Ride is too small, it will go into primary care one....hopefully at that point she will be big enough for a booster....) For a new seat my big considerations: 1. My kids are tall and skinny. It has to have a high max height in order to stay harnessed until 40 pounds (DD was 5-6 years old) 2. Affordable - between 50-100 3. I have backless boosters, having a booster option is not a huge selling point to me. 4. I do not like that Graco harness to booster (N one). Love the Frontier, but not the price. I also LOVE the My Ride, but it will not last until DD hits 40 pounds. 5. Something semi-narrow would be great so I can fit 2 school age kids in the back seat with or without boosters. Most are booster free or almost at this point.
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