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April 3rd, 2014, 11:44 AM
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Any suggestions on an affordable baby carrier? (trying to stay under $100, closer to $50 if possible) I have one but it was a hand me down and it's not very comfortable and i can only wear hailey facing towards me in the front. i'd like one that i can wear front or back. also is it even possible to get a good one for around 50ish or so?? we've spent a lot of money lately so tax returns are gone. and now that the weather is getting nicer i love being able to take the kids out for walks. my son who is 2 can walk along side me no problems (not a fan of the stroller) and living in an upper apartment and dragging a stroller up and down the stairs is just not doable lol. i know a lot of you ladies baby wear and i'd like to do so more often just want a decent, comfortable, affordable one

oh and the main problem with the one i have is that hailey's legs hang in she can sit with them more wrapped around me. i have to hold her legs up in it for her basically which doesnt make it very hands free
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