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April 3rd, 2014, 12:40 PM
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Two nights in a row Lexi has slept through -yesterday until 8:30 am and this am it was 7:45 am. I think this is it! And she's basically weaned now. About 3 weeks ago she started physically pushing me away. She had new teeth coming in and a cold, so it may have been a nursing strike. Whatever the case, I could not get her back to the breast during the day and she needed to drink milk to keep her weight up. So I started pumping into a sippy cup for her during the day. At first it was slow going, but now she's a pro at it! She would still nurse at bedtime and at an early morning time, like 5 am. So I was ok with it. But about a week ago she didn't want to nurse at bedtime. She got all excited when I offered the sippy cup though. That killed me. But, at least I still had the early am nursing session. However, yesterday she only took one side and then this am she completely rejected me. So I'm pretty sure breastfeeding is officially over. I'm sad about it. I'll keep offering at bedtime and the morning this week, but it hurts when she pushes me away. But overall I'm glad it was her choice to wean and I didn't have to force her. I'm still pumping to give her breast milk in the sippy. She drinks it cold right out of the fridge, so hopefully her transition to whole milk at 12 months will be easy.
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