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April 7th, 2014, 06:12 AM
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OK, I wont criticize you but I may mama bear you a little - condoms are for more than stopping babies! Please, generally, be careful. Also, why would your doctors think you were unable to get pregnant? (Could this also affect the viability of a pregnancy?) No one here will tell you the best thing is an abortion. Everyone will tell you to keep the baby. I am very pro-choice, and even I feel like I would be struck by lightening if I ever advised anyone to do that! I can say many young mothers have had babies and been very happy. Mommy sense comes....I promise. However, I wonder, at your age do you have family you can turn to? Mom, Dad, Sister, Aunt? Someone who can be there for you as you navigate this decision and what it could mean for your future? How far along are you? Have you been to a doctor yet? I was once in your position a long long time ago.....I ended up with a sac but no baby. In other words, the decision made itself, I had miscarried. So I would CERTAINLY say step one is go to a doc.....any doc. And don't be afraid of planned pregnancy - some folks will say they try to "talk you into abortions" or "get funded by how many abortions." Hogwash. Go in to somewhere who can confirm pregnancy, give you an annual, date the pregnancy, and maybe tell you if the pregnancy is viable. That's my advice! And good luck. I hope you aren't too scared.....
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