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April 9th, 2014, 08:41 AM
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Yesterday we toured the local birthing center and met with a midwife on their team. We have been concerned that they wouldn't be able to accept us as 'low risk' because we have SUA (single umbilical artery). Typically this isn't much of a risk by itself but IUGR and other organ abnormalities have been found to be tied to it. We have been seeing a Perinatologist who performed a few indepth u/s and fetal echocardiogram and has cleared us of any other organ abnormalities. At this point, we are considered an isolated SUA and otherwise a very normal pregnancy.
The midwife said she feels comfortable accepting us at the birth center with the understanding that we will continue to see the Perinatologist for monitoring our baby's development. If at the end of the pregnancy his growth becomes a concern, then we will have to be transferred back to my OB's care for a hospital delivery. I have known that would be the case all along, just like IF the growth is enough of a concern, they will likely want to take the baby early and out would go my natural birth plan anyway.

For now we are taking the victory that everything continues as it has and now we will get to switch to midwife care and I am looking at a birth for 1/3 the out of pocket cost of the hospital and I will have access to all kinds of classes including prenatal yoga, and one of these gorgeous suites!!!

This photo does not do the tub in this room justice - I swear it was like 5-6' in diameter! They said it wasn't ideal for a water birth because it is difficult to reach mother and baby from the outside plus its so big its hard to brace yourself to push in. As for laboring - they had one mom go from 4cm - GO TIME in 30min! I was just gawking at how many jets were in that tub!

I am very excited! We are making the move kinda late (27weeks) but the staff was just outstanding and already I feel comfortable at the center working with them.

So fingers crossed that baby keeps growing like he has been - even a few days ahead in size.

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