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April 11th, 2014, 03:01 PM
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Mentally I am nesting - going over all the things that need to be done before GingerBean arrives as well as things that need to be done sooner (i.e. clean my house before the baby shower I'm hosting for DH's niece!). But physically I just don't have it in me. DH is helping and getting some stuff done but yeah - haven't hit panic mode yet but I'm close!

I'm also stressing about some financial things too - we need to redo our roof before it leaks and causes major damage, one of our cars is on the fritz...we have no idea when it' going to just die on us...throw in Mat Leave with reduced pay and yup - stress and more stress!

To top it off...DH got a nasty chest & head cold from one of his buddies, which he has now passed onto me. So I'm sick and laying down on my side or back makes the cough so much worse...but not laying back makes putting my chubby feet and ankles up next to impossible! Poor GingerBean must be stressing a little too with all the violent coughing fits I constant have

Just gotta keep telling myself - 7 more weeks...I can do this!

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