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April 14th, 2014, 12:08 PM
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Hi. My c-section was unplanned, but also not exactly emergency. (I was diagnosed with pre-e, so not in labor, but also not prepared to have a baby that day.)

Pre-e and premature birth aside, I would consider the c-section to be non-eventful. I had a spinal tap, which was fine. I used my natural birth breathing techniques for that, and I would definitely recommend practicing some sort of relaxation/breathing techniques now if you plan to have a spinal tap. It took a while to complete and I found it to be a very uncomfortable procedure. Especially if you're anxious now. Sitting and breathing, relaxing your shoulders, relaxing your belly, these will help with that moment.

The surgery itself was fine. I could feel them tugging and at one point could have sworn someone had climbed up on top of me and was digging her knee in to get some leverage. That didn't happen, but that's what it felt like. I could also follow all of the hospital gossip... for a provincial hospital it was a lot more like an episode of Grey's Anatomy than I expected! Being awake during the procedure turned out to be oddly cool.

You can't drive for 10 days afterwards, so plan for that. I was grateful for the five day hospital stay because I needed a little extra time to get my bearings afterward... not so much for the surgery but because of the pre-e and my kid was in the NICU and because I had nursing issues. If you feel comfortable taking the painkillers afterward, talk to your doctor about how they might affect you and BF'ing if you're doing that, but if you take them, take them on schedule. I got behind schedule and felt it right away.

I felt physically pretty well about six or seven days afterward. I definitely recommend plenty of walking as soon as you can, and the regular stuff that you need when you have a new baby (eating well, drinking water, etc.).

In all, I would seriously consider a planned c-section again. I had to grieve my hopes for a natural child birth, but now that I'm over that, I will bring up a serious talk about the possibility of a planned c-section if I get pregnant again.

Best of luck, and remember to breathe.
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