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April 14th, 2014, 12:24 PM
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Marcos has always been a very clingy baby since birth and I've been told that this will pass. However, he's turning 9 months this week, is able to crawl, and he still will not play on his own. Even if he is on the playmat filled with toys and I am sitting there right beside him, he refuses to play and do his own thing. He'll scream and cry and try to crawl right on top of me. It's exhausting.

Also, now that he is crawling, I need to put him in his pack & play throughout the day because he is very quick I cannot keep up with him every single moment of the day. He refuses to play in there (even though I'm sitting right beside it and he can see me), and will cry until I pick him up.

Any tips on dealing with a clingy baby?
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