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April 14th, 2014, 04:31 PM
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Take a deep breath and a step back. You are in a stable relationship, and you've already been talking about having kids. You are 34, and yet you got pregnant right away without even trying. Honestly, that is an incredibly blessing! Fertility after your 20s is much more sketchy and on top of that you have a loving boyfriend and you already wanted kids together. It's time to let go of the worry and just let yourself get excited about your little baby. There is no reason your boyfriend can't finish school. In fact, now that he has a dependent his financial aid may even be better. You don't need a crazy big space for a baby-- we slept some of ours in play pens in closets-- they don't need some big nursery from Pinterest. By the time the baby is even old enough to remember anything you boyfriend will be done with school. You guys are totally up for this!

There is no reason for your boyfriend to resent this little son or daughter and I don't think he will. It's a big change and it takes a while to sink in.

The meantime, enjoy these first few weeks with your secret. Join a due date forum here on just mommies and you can have a fun outlet to talk about it with ladies due the same month you are. Best wishes and keep us posted!
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