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April 14th, 2014, 08:01 PM
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Hello guys! I have been googling and asking questions for 2 weeks now! I thought I would join a page and maybe find some similar stories to give me some hope.

My period is 12 days late as of April 14, 2014. I have not been keeping track of sexual days. My husband and I have a 4.5 year old son and aren't really preventing anything.

I took a test at my doctors office during my sons appointment on 4/3/14 (1 day late), test was negative but I had traces of blood in my urine from my UA test. I had lower back cramps the 6-9, and then later in the evening on the 9th (1 week late) I had a sharp pain in my lower hip/pelvic area that lasted about 10-15 seconds. I have had no pregnancy symptoms but no longer experiencing any more cramping. I have taken numerous pg test and all are negative. I got my blood drawn on 4/12/14, results came in today with hcg level of 2 (not pregnant)
My question is if I may have ovulated later than usual could it still be to early to detect? I am going back in 2 days for another blood draw, which will mark 2 weeks past my expected period. I have no pregnancy symptoms but have a gut feeling I may be pregnant. I am never late and have never missed a period. I am not under any stress (except now!??!?) no life changes, or any drastic changes.

Is there ANYONE out there who have been in my situation. I'm hoping for good news because even though we weren't trying I am starting to like the idea of a new baby!

Please help!
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