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April 15th, 2014, 12:37 PM
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So on 03/31/2013 I had a Microdiscectomy on my L5-S1, after the surgery they gave me antibiotics to help prevent infection. I didn't think this certain antibiotic would cause a problem with my Nuvaring, but I'm now 4dpo and have had intense cramping. My fertile week was 04/06-04/11. I've been pregnant 3 times all ending in miscarriages on at 13 weeks in 10/2012 and the 2nd in 10/2013 at 5 weeks and the last in 11/2013 at6weeks. With the last 2 I've had the same feeling around this time and the last 2 times I was also on the Nuvaring. I know it's too early for an at home pregnancy test to show anything, but along with cramping today I've been extremely nauseous. I haven't been taking any of my pain meds from the surgery, but I know my body has been stressed. My husband and I aren't trying but we don't really care if I do get pregnant, but the surgery complicates things. How possible is it that I did manage to get pregnant?I know it's unlikely.
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