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April 18th, 2014, 10:00 AM
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It is totally normal to have fear before a csection. I have had 4 back to back c sections with about 1yr-1 1/2 yrs in between them. So i will share my experience. I will leave out the few issues I did have, but to answer your Q's...

I was always nervous when it came time to it. and they can give you meds like you said tohelp with that but have faith in your docs team and know that most go very well. Try doing some relaxation before. I was put under GA for all of mine so I dont have any thing to say as far as the actual section. I did have my baby with my right after I came out of recovery and up to my room.

Each recovery is different. Depending on how things go and what type of anesthiea you use ect. but I agree with getting up and moving the same day as your section. It will help you later. You can ask for pain meds to help with any pain if you have it.

You dont want to do any lifting if you can avoid it. I have 8 kids so especially after my last 3 sections, I didnt have a choice but to get things done. I was cooking and cleaning that week. Cooking light meals after I came home. If you can get help, take it. I took pain meds and that helped out alot. You can pre cook freezer meals ect help also. But if you can take your time in your recovery and dont do/go things/places if not really needed, this will allow your body to heal.

I wish you a great delivery and fast recovery!
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