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April 18th, 2014, 02:19 PM
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I am new to discussion boards but interested in hearing other's stories and suggestions. I had been on bcp for 7 years, basically since I started my period and stopped it July 2013 so my husband and I could begin ttc. I did not get my period for 4 months so discussed it with my obgyn when went in for my pap. She started me on metformin and did some tests to confirm PCOS. Now I have been taking provera to induce periods then femara for 5 days to hopefully induce ovulation however my blood tests all show no ovulation. This month femara has been increased and I am going to use opks to see if we are just checking my progesterone level at the wrong time. Any suggestions or similar experiences? I just feel hopeless at this point. I am currently dieting and exercising, my BMI is 27 so not terrible, also taking vitex.
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