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April 18th, 2014, 03:59 PM
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I will wean Owen as soon as he's 1. I keep feeling tempted to do it sooner because I am so sick of pumping at work and on the weekends - he pretty much refuses to nurse during the day now unless it's nap time - but I really want to make it to 12 months.

For those who weaned before your milk dried up on its own, what was your process? I would like to stop pumping during the day and then phase out the morning/night feedings over time, but how does that work? I would imagine you'd get engorged if you don't pump as frequently and then your milk would just dry up pretty quickly. Am I wrong?

Also, once your babies switched to cow milk, did you use a bottle or only cups? I know it's probably better to switch to a cup, but Owen isn't a big drinker - more of a sipper - so I don't know how on Earth I'd get him to drink enough without using a bottle. Thoughts?

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