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April 18th, 2014, 05:49 PM
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Lola - I started cutting minutes off each of my pumps. When I dropped from 3-2, I cut minutes off the middle of the day pump until I was only doing maybe 5 min, and then dropped it completely. I didn't bother dropping from 2-1, I just weaned doing 2 pumps per day......I cut minutes off every other day. One day I just went as long as I could without pumping, and then just ended up pumping for comfort when I needed to. Even though I did it slow, I found the actual drying up part to be a little uncomfortable. I hadn't pumped for a week, so I thought I was done, but I suddenly woke up one morning with a clog in one breast that I had to massage like crazy in a hot shower. The next day, I had a clog in the other breast. I didn't pump at that point since it had been a week, but I did lots of massaging. After that, my boobs shrunk down to their normal pre-breast feeding size (so sad!) and that was the end.

If this post makes no sense it's because my 3 year old has been just constantly talking in my ear since I started typing......VERY hard to listen, think and type all at once!

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