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April 18th, 2014, 11:01 PM
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Only Dd1 has activity induced asthma and keeps an inhaler in her backpack for at school. The rest are ok so far FX'd.

Cybele what type of arthritis do you have, if you dont mind sharing?

I have OA osteoarthritis and a big list of back neck issues, cyst in my right knee that causes spurts of pain sometimes and the list goes on and on, just had my MRI so waiting to find out if my new hip pain is related to my back getting worse of if its a new problem, lool.

I really try to keep going and although it slows me down sometimes and body lets me know when Ive done to much, I try my best not to let it stop me from doing my daily tasks. I do usually get things done and done well but I do worry about how my conditions affect my children and dh. I dont have pitty parties for myself and the more I get done everyday, just pushes me on to do more.

I dont share my issues with anyone except a couple of close friends. I have an in-law that suffers from a chronic 'illness' but I dont really relate to much to that person.

If you were to 'look' at me, you would not know I suffer. I look fine, and am good at not showing my pain when I hurt except for when my walking is affected, then like Cybele, you can see from my 'hobbling' that im not ok.

I really dont know why I posted about this, I guess in a way it nice to talk about it and get it out but maybe connecting with other moms that understand what its like dealing with this because for whatever reasons people tend to be critical and dont have to nice of things to say when it comes to it. sort of a 'prejudgement' attitude.
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