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April 19th, 2014, 03:43 PM
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Originally Posted by pregnant_5 View Post
I plan to breastfeed this baby too. I don't have a problem with formula though. There's absolutely no difference when they are older.
This is absolutely untrue. Formula feeding costs this country $13.5 billion in health care costs each year. I know I have the citation for the journal article that makes this claim somewhere around here. When I find it I will elaborate. Remember, feeding a child formula or feeding them breast milk is something that can have an impact for life. I know that we have all heard that breastfeeding decreases x, y and z. However, the reality is formula feeding increases those things. Breastfeeding is the biological norm and when we introduce formula and we see a difference in health between those two groups it's not because breastfeeding is decreasing those rates, formula is increasing them. I'm not saying this to bash formula fed babies. It's a great option for babies that truly need it, but the facts are they are not the same. Not even close.

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