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April 19th, 2014, 07:21 PM
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I think I'm in the minority because pumping and supplementing worked best for me. It took five days for my milk to fully come in, and the lactation consultant in the hospital was horrible. She made me feel uncomfortable and inadequate. Call me weird, but I just wasn't comfortable with the idea of dealing with an LC anyway. I'm more of a trial and error, do it myself person. My DD had formula and basically whatever I was able to pump the first few days.

I tried actually breastfeeding her, and 80% of the time she had latching issues. She got frustrated with it and so did I.

I should mention that I have fibrocystic breasts, and although pumping did help my overall breast pain, my nipples were always painful.

I used a hospital pump, and I would constantly get blisters, and my nipples would crack and bleed. I did it anyway. I would compare the pain of pumping for me to getting blood drawn. Bearable, but unpleasant...

Anyway, after my milk came in DD had exclusively pumped milk for about four and a half months until I needed to supplement some. Of course as her need grew, so did the supplementing, and I eventually dried up at 11 months.

I gave it my all, and it's what worked for me. I plan on doing something similar this time, but if this little cutie will actually latch it will save me some heartache.

I can safely say my daughter had both, and she's been doing great. She's three and has had two ear infections, and an allergic reaction to the Penicillin she was given for the ear infection. Other than that, just the common colds, and seasonal allergies which were unavoidable as DH and I both have them. Good luck, and don't rule out exclusively pumping/supplementing as an option too, if bfing isn't working out.
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