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April 19th, 2014, 08:29 PM
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I have a tipped uterus (tipped backwards, retroverted)- my midwife was able to tell me I had it at my 8 week appointment. As pregnancy progesses the uterus should move into place. At my last appointment (15 weeks 5 days) my utuerus was exactly where it was supppse to be and no longer tipped. I'm not sure about what the progression is if the uterus is tipped forward- but my guess is the same is true. So I wouldn't bet money on a tipped iterus- plis I think if yours was tipped your ob would have told you. I would call your ob and ask them what to do. How you decribe your symptoms is strange. It could be somethig that can wait a week to get checked out. But with your CKD, I'd not mess around- I'd at least call and ask your doc/ nurses line if you should come in for a work up. Perhaps they can move your appt up?
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